Phase 18: Water Baron of Yogurt Town

What’s the best sauce for doner kebab? Batarang! In this episode we get dueling condiments, philosophical rambling from Mr. Burnsides, and a submission to the System’s Funniest Home Videos! Also featured: Dress Up Cagalli! Despite not being action-y, this one’s pretty great, and contains one of the best shirts in existence.

Jump Start Weekly 1/5/2019 The Promised Neverland Vol 1.

Hey guys.  It’s the start of a new year, and we have a bunch more Manga to start reading as well.  We also talk about the Promised Neverland vol 1 which is getting an anime Jan 9th. Now is a perfect time to see how we feel the first volume went and compare it to the anime.  If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!

Episode 249: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Here’s a sentence that only makes sense in the year 2002. “Wouldn’t it be better if the NSA had highly trained stealth operatives they could dispatch with little oversight”? If they did, only the best aging military veterans would be selected. They’d have to climb on pipes, and no when they’re in light, and have thigh muscles so strong they could support their entire body weight with them. If you think you have what it takes, give this episode a listen.

2019 News

Hello and Happy New Year! 2018 was a big year for us here at Last Podcats. We finally launched our new website, and 2 new podcasts, It’s a Gundam, which we’ve been working on for a very long time and are very happy to finally have out, and Jump Start Weekly, which was a spur of the moment thing that turned out pretty well. There are going to be a couple of changes in 2019, which I’d like to quickly go over.

Episode 248: Super Earth Defense Force

War. War never changes. You’re always just flying around in your single aircraft, you against an entire invading enemy force. Maybe they’re aliens? They’re probably aliens. Your only allies are two little drones by your side. Not even an imperiled frog or cocky falcon to get your back. Its just you against all of space, in Super Earth Defense Force.

Jump Start Weekly 12/22/2018 Attack on Titan Vol 1.

Hey guys.  It’s the final week of Sanin Month.  We do the first ever podcast with no actual issue of Shonen Jump to read, just a coverage of the chapters that have been released in Japan.  Let us know how you guys feel about the new Shonen Jump. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!  

Episode 247: Hitman Codename 47

When you have a dirty job, you can’t just use your real name like some shmuck. You need a code name! Like Batman, or Summer, or 007… or 47. Now you might think those last two are numbers, but what about when you spell them out? Find out in our latest episode, which may or may not actually have anything to do with codenames or numbers.

Jump Start Weekly 12/15/2018 All You Need is Kill Vol 1.

Hey guys.  It’s the third week of Sanin month and Jump has thrown us a bit of a curve ball.  We also talk about All You Need is Kill, the source material for a Tom Cruise movie.   If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!  

Zach's Year End Review

It’s that time of year again where I go over some of the games I played this year and make a decision as to where they fall. Now as I always say as a caveat, these are only games that I've played this year. So while DOOM 2016 is still stellar I played that already and since I've not played the Switch port its still not qualified to get on the list. I think all the games this year released this year but its not required of this list when they came out; it’s only that I played them this year.

So I'm going to start with the most disappointing game of the year in my personal opinion since it’s also the only segment where I don't have honorable mentions. Now this shouldn't imply quality, in this case I had simply overhyped it in my own head. It’s still got solid gameplay a fun set of interactions among its varied cast and is enjoyable for what it is and that game is Super Robot Wars X. This one I think was a bit of the sophomore slumping on my end for the series and unlike in V where the stories interwove better in X they all just kind of happened unattached to each other.

My second category is the most interesting game of the year and that is Battletech by Harebrained Schemes. This game released at around the same time as Super Robot Wars X and is a much better experience. Those who listened to the podcast might remember that it also was being kickstarted at the same time as Yooka-Laylee and despite releasing much later seems to have launched as a better game, I've not played it so I can't really say too much on that. Harebrained Schemes Battletech is a great game with a lot of fun mechanics. Due to a few bugs floating around and a problematic set of balance choices before the latest, as of writing, patch hurts it in the running for my game of the year. That said for a game based on the tabletop game it felt like battletech and manages to get the management aspect of running your mercenary unit to be equally as fun as the combat and makes your decisions matter. Personal recommendation play it on Iron Man mode for the best experience.

Honorable mentions go to: Overcooked Two which for playing a game with friends there are very little better, and Frostpunk a city building game where you are battling it out with the elements and trying to save what's left of humanity from an apocalyptic ice age.

Last up is my game of the year and while this year was a strong year you may be wondering what I eventually decided on. I was thinking it was going to end up being Dragonball Fighterz at the beginning of the year and then the podcast went through our Monster Hunter phase which unseated Dragonball but shortly after I bought my Switch I ran into my game of the year. And that game is Battlefield V. While the stories aren't anything to write home about or win any awards they are fun experiences. The multiplayer has a layer of polish, barring a few bugs, that make it a fantastic time even if I spend most of my time respawning. The game was designed in a way to make you want to stay with a batch of people you've never met and if you are like me you don't want to talk to. The game's engine makes the destruction of terrain an interesting wrinkle in how battles are fought and overall it’s just done so well that I can't put any of the games on top of this list.

Honorable mentions go to the games mentioned: Dragonball Fighterz a genuinely interesting and fun 2d fighting game, Monster Hunter World which is a little grindy but can be loads of fun with friends and lastly Soul Calibur 6 a game that revitalized a faltering franchise and has me optimistic about Dead or Alive 6 next year.

Summing things up it was a good year for games with a lot of strong contenders. And before any comments are made I've not played Red Dead Redemption 2. And to head off the other potential ones I hate the Overhyped Brothers games so it will never be on this list.

Zach Out.

Episode 246: Uforia The Saga

What is a saga? A trilogy of trilogies? A battle against a fierce villain that takes at least 50 episodes? A long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or Old Icelandic? Or just falling into a hole with your friends and trying to get out? Listen to this week’s episode and find out!

Jump Start Weekly 12/1/2018 Berserk Vol 1.

Hey guys.  We have moved onto a new theme for this month, Sanin.  This week we have a special guest joining us to talk about Berserk.  Also during our Berserk segment our audio balance goes all out of whack.  I did my best to rebalance it in post but I apologize if our voices don't seem to match up.   If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!  

Phase 16: Love Punch

This episode sees the return of Cagalli! Again! We also get Mu about to become James Bond, Kira being angsty and fighty about being angsty, and Flay being… well, Flay. In case it’s not clear, we love Flay Lannister. Also, some tacto-babble with the Desert Dawn sets us up for the next episode as Andrew “Folgers” Waltfeld reluctantly takes arms. Emotions are high even as the Archangel is grounded!

Jump Start Weekly 11/24/2018 Kiss Him, Not Me! Vol 1.

Hey guys.  We wrap up our Shoujo month with Kiss Him, Not Me!  The first manga that I was allowed to pick for this podcast.  Please don’t read to far into why I would pick this manga. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!