Episode 209: Harvest Moon 64

Sometimes, you just need to kick back and let the turnips grow.  Specifically, when you have no other crops or animals, and have really exhausted all the stuff to do around town.  There's always the bar, though, not to mention a pile of fun townsfolk to hang out with.  Look into your heart... become the legendary philanderer farmer you were meant to be!





More downloads than a barn full of cash cows.



Show Notes

(01:00) Geremy can’t even go 20 seconds without referencing someone funnier than himself.


(18:00) Tyler played Doki Doki Literature Club.  Spoilers until 27:00. Tyler recommends you play it instead of listening to that part!


(27:30) The Assignment: Harvest Moon 64.


(51:00) Having your dad rank your farm.



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