Episode 210: Splatterhouse

It's the spook-spook-spookiest time of the year!

Join us on a quest through a madhouse, full of things that go splat!  Don the mask of the season, and pick up your preferred weapon (a large stick), and wade through the hordes of seasonal enemies.  Featuring such terrors as... spiky turtles, chained up zombies, and leech... things.  Festive!



More download than you can swing a stick at!



Show Notes


(05:30) Plugging bruh.io, an amusing Battle Royale inspired browser game.

(14:00) A game worth taking seriously.

(19:00) I really want to see Hawlucha vs. The Masked Royal.


(20:00) That Pokémon comic Tyler mentioned by JHall.

(21:00) Probably the video Geremy mentioned about Ash's best deaths.

(37:15) How does this splat up?

Next time on Last Time, Pulseman!

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