Episode 223: Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

Ah the 90s. A time of good old fashion fun, baggy jeans, pouches, extreme sports, and for some reason, people not being sure whether or not Star Wars can make money. Spoilers. It can. It can make so much money. Even on the Nintendo 64, long before the Solo film, there were the adventures of Dash Rendar. These are his stories.

4:00 American Express is in fact, still a company. Don’t you want to listen to the episode and figure out why that’s relevant!?

5:45 Super Robot Wars X came out on April 26 2018

15:00 Tyler played Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. It’s Geee-rate!

17:00 I’m Sorry

21:00 The Assignment: Star Wars Shadow of the Empire

37:30 Shadow ranking

Next Time on Last Time: Twisted Metal: Black. For real this time.

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