Jump Start Weekly 10/20/2018 Bleach Vol 1.

It’s kinda a short episode today. Only 8 manga in Shonen Jump and a short volume 1 of Bleach. But we manage to pack the content in. Plus October is the perfect month for ghost stories right? If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!

Manga Read

We Never Learn Question 83:An [X]’s Joke Makes a Genius Dance 3:56

Comicq Vol. 1 9:07

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 384: War 17:27

Food Wars Hunters and Prey 20:05

Dr Stone Z=78: That Which Destroys of Saves 23:44

Black Clover Page 177: Battlefield Dancer 29:09

The Promised Neverland Chapter 107: Makes Me Sick 32:46

Jump Card 36:41

Bleach Vol 1 44:03

Personality Power Level 1:11:02