Episode 238: Donky Kong Land

Kevin’s here and he’s going bananas! Can Donkey and Diddy Kong prove that fancy graphical tricks aren’t what carried them to victory in Donkey Kong Country? I mean, surely you can’t recreate the technical marvel that was the graphics of DKC on a Game Boy can you? Tune in to find out.

1:00 The character’s name is Kiddie Kong, but its Dinkie Kong in Japan which ftis the D theme.

10:00 We’re launching a new podcast! Jump Start Weekly is a weekly podcast all about manga! You can listen to the zero episode here and be sure to check out Lastpodcasts.com on Saturday for our first episode, featuring Dragon Ball Vol.1 by Akira Toriama.

20:00 The picture of Jim Carry was revealed later to be fake.

31:00 Kevin’s been playing Abzu. Here’s a speedrun!

32:00 The Assignment: Donkey Kong Land.

41:30 Ranking Bananas

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