Episode 241: Rayman Advance

Audio problems continue! However, instead of a never ending drone, this week Tyler is just really, really quiet. We should be up to 100% audio enjoyment next week. In the mean time, join us as we fight against dark matter on a tiny, beautiful screen, with everybody’s 27th favorite platform hero, Rayman!

3:10 The Mastemon Cutscene from the first Cyber Slueth game. Less fan servicy and more just awkward, but still.

3:15 Zach has been Playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth Story: Hacker’s Memory, League of Legends and Resident Evil 4.

11:00 Geremy has been playing Marvel’s Spider-Man

24:30 Tyler has been playing Final Fantasy XV

39:30 The Assignment, Rayman Advance

51:30 Ray Rank

Next Time on Last Time: Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts

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