Episode 243: Brawl Brothers

Sometimes, you can’t settle things with words. Sometimes, things get to the point that nothing can solve your differences with your rivals other than a good old fashioned brawl. And if you’re going to be fighting anyway, you might as well dress up as M. Bison right? Gives you the psychological edge, even if it doesn’t give you the psycho power.

2:00 Zach has been playing Mech Warrior Online, Left 4 Dead 2, Cod Blops 4 and Soul Caliber VI.

10:45 Zazalamel’s Super

21:00 Tyler has been playing Nidhog, Final Fantasy XV, Friday the 13th and Identity V

27:00 Geremy has been playing Marvel’s Spider-Man, My Hero Academia One’s Justice.

36:00 The Assignment: Brawl Brothers

43:15 Super Ranking Brothers!

Next Time on Last Time: Soulcalibur

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