Jump Start Weekly 11/3/2018 Cipher Vol 1.

Hey guys. This week we start our month of Shoujo manga. We kick it off with a classic and try not to fall asleep, which has nothing to do with the manga just the fact that neither of us got very much sleep the previous night. But for now on with the romance. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!

Manga Read

Promised Neverland Chapter 109: Keep Going 2:29

One Piece Chapter 992: Supreme Commander Kiado of the Animal Kingdom Pirates 5:53

World Trigger Chapter 165 Osamu Mikumo: Part 167:59

Food Wars 285 His Last Meal 12:28

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 386: Hypothesis 14:20

Dr Stone Z=80: Humanity’s Strongest Tag Team 19:56

Black Clover Page 179: Battle for the Royal Chamber 22:24

We Never Learn Question 85: TYhe Star of Ultimate Love and the Name of [x], Part 1 25:26

Comicq Vol. 3 29:45

Jump Card 33:06

Cipher 44:34

Personality Power Level 59:38