Jump Start Weekly 12/15/2018 All You Need is Kill Vol 1.

Hey guys.  It’s the third week of Sanin month and Jump has thrown us a bit of a curve ball.  We also talk about All You Need is Kill, the source material for a Tom Cruise movie.   If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!  

Manga Read

Ne0;lation Process 1: Evil Wizard 7:43

One Piece Chapter 927: Otoko the Kamuro 14:51

The Promised Neverland Chapter 115: Jin and Hayato 17:03

Chainsaw Man Chapter 2: The Place Where Pochita Is 19:58

We Never Learn Question 91: In the Shadow of Geniuses, [X] Inadvertently Opens Up 24:25

Food Wars Plate 291: Freakishly Talented Chefs 27:15

Blue Exorcist Chapter 106: ScC23: 17 30:29

World Trigger Chapter 170 Tamakoma-2: Part: 23 and Chapter 171 Hyuse: Part 5 34:13

Dr Stone Z=86: Money 37:33

Black Clover Page 185: Dream Encounter 41:46

Seraph of the End Chapter 74: Love Awakens 45:25

Jump Card 47:23

All You Need is Kill 58:16

Personality Power Level 1:12:58