Phase 17: Better than a Shirtless Amuro

In the greates mic drop of all time, Kira inspires Waltfeld’s fighting spirit, and will accidentally incite the Greater Doner Kebab Incident. Many lives were lost. Also of note are some great call shots with RPGs, one of the most dramatic slaps committed to animation stills, and I guess one of Cagalli’s friends dies or something.

Show Notes

(08:20) Episode Title

(25:30) Waltfeld being a snarky asshole

(30:30) Rambo’s angry face

(40:00) Desert Dawn recruitment poster

(41:00) Disco Guns!

(42:00) Double fisting.

(58:00) Final Thoughts

(??:??) Bonus Maru since I forgot the timestamp.

For hand reference, I’m going to keep Imgur albums for each episode! I plan to go and backfill old episodes one of these years.

Watch the episode on Crunchroll here!