Jump Start Weekly 12/8/2018 Parasyte Vol 1.

Hey guys.  We roll into the second week of Sanin month with Parasyte.  And what’s that crawling into my...... ENJOY THE AUDIO RECORDING.  If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!  

Manga Read

Chainsaw Man Chapter 1:Dog & Chainsaw 1:30

One Piece Chapter 926: Excavation Labor Camp 6:17

Food Wars Plate 290: The True Value of the Noir 11:17

Black Clover Page 184: Dream World 13:03

Dr Stone Z=85: Ultimate Resource 15:10

We Never Learn Question 90: Sometime a Genius Engages in Nonsense [X] by the Water 18:18

Promised Neverland Chapter 114: One at a Time 20:10

Jump Card 24:06

Parasyte 32:39

Personality Power Level 58:49