Episode 212: Bomberman Hero


Bomberman's been called upon to perform his yearly firearms training.  Little does he know, the plot of Star Wars is happening right above, and he's about to get dragged into it.  I'm not sure if he's more Luke or Han in this story, but either way, it's a lot less interesting to watch.  Flail about large, static-angle environs while you attempt to bomb your way to victory.  Just watch out for Bomberman's oldest and most recognizable foe: weird clown spring things?

This download's the bomb!

Show Notes!

(03:15) NHL 2018’s 2v3 Mode

(04:45) Zach has been playing League of Legends, specifically Yorick.

(05:45) We all played Overcooked!  It's great, as long as your friends are efficiency nuts.

(14:15) Tyler’s Been playing Zero Time Dilemma, a weird Saw-esque puzzle game.  Now with time travel.

(18:15) Zach suggests Getting Over it with Bennet Foddy, but not to anyone in particular.

(26:00) The Assignment, Bomberman Hero

(38:30) Ranking with a bang.

Next time on Last Time, Pocky and Rocky... with Becky!

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