Episode 213: Pocky and Rocky with Becky

Ever wonder what ancient tanuki got up to?  Apparently, the answer is "hang out with adorable priestesses and learn shinto demon banishing techniques".  Also, destroy a lot of paper in pursuit of those two hobbies.  Thankfully, this game is true enough to its cutesy aesthetic that things never get to rocky, so you could probably be nomming some pocky while you're playing.  Also, something about Becky.

Banishing download!

Show Notes

(01:00) Yes, the optimal tabletop setting exists. It does require some digging to find the good ones, though.

(05:30) A far cry from fishing. Not quite as amusing as Zach's strategy of just ramming them with a boat.

(08:15) Zach's Xayah game.

(20:30) That game Tyler was trying to talk about.

(26:00) Some amusing internals, and also getting to the game.

(35:00) Pocky and Rankings with Becky!

Next time on Last Time, Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle!

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