Episode 217: Pokemon Puzzle League


You know what's puzzling about Pokémon? When they start shooting a bunch of blocks and playing Tetris instead of using a flamethrower and body slam. Dive into the exciting world of the Puzzle League, where Ash, for some reason, got an invitation to compete. Also Team Rocket, I guess. Choose from the diverse cast of all the gym leaders that appeared in the anime, and enjoy as the spout the same line over and over again.

Stack 4 episodes to launch a download at your opponent!

Show Notes

(15:45) In case you need more trash anime in your life.

(18:20) Yes, someone made this, and it has surprisingly high praise.

(23:20) Also, basketball mecha?

(24:00) Hey, guys! Zach manages a Discord for the podcast. Drop in!

(25:00) Just... this intro.

(33:45) See how this game stacks up.

(43:15) Discussion about the "pure trash line". The answer: it's subjective.

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