Episode 218 Ys

It seems inevitable that utopian societies just fall off into the ocean or something. All the time. Seriously, it's a real problem that one would think utopias would learn to deal with. Anyway, journey to a land that is less than ideal and wade your way through a horde of monster in order to get to the real reason you visit strange lands: the charming locals!

Walk right into that download to get its sweet XP.

Show Notes

(01:45) So, I (Tyler) dun goofed. I give our raw episode titles stupid joke names that I think will amuse Geremy. I titled the original Ys raw data "YYAAAAAASSSSS" because we were talking about FZero-X. I then assumed it was the raw for that episode, and deleted it to free up space, and didn't have backups.  I shall now commit ritual suicide because I have dishonored the show.

(03:30) Goddamn, Tommy's a badass villain.

(08:30) Gushing about Code Geass.

(12:30) Barely redeemable, my ass.

(19:20) I'd just like to point out that one of Wikipedia's occupations for Francis Drake is "slave trader".

(29:15) Hey, it's been a while since we've mentioned OW.

(32:20) There is still time to dump money into this awesome looking Batman-themed game.

(33:30) Speaking of Kickstarter and nerd hobbies, BATTLETECH is finally releasing on Steam.

(35:30) Mr. Card Game, for the KoL fans out there.

(36:00) The article talking about how stupid the RPO posters look.

(37:30) Rather than anything about the show, here's the Pirates game. Also, getting started on Ys!

(49:00) Seriously, the boss music is so hyper compared to the fights.

(51:20) Later in that same video, this voice acting.

(55:30) Can this game waltz through the horde of rankings?!

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