Episode 219 M.U.S.H.A.


As with many a story, this one begins in space, with Space Japan being Space Attacked by some sort of giant Space Monster. In this particular case, it's Space Skynet. Of course, the only reasonable response to this threat is to make a giant humanoid robot that basically never actually walks (and instead flies?!) to attack Space Skynet's rampaging armies. At least you have some sweet tunes and majestic views to aid you in your journey!

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Show Notes

(10:30) One Piece has publish 896 Chapters at the time of this episode’s recording, so not quite 1000 yet.  Berserk is sitting at 354.  For comparison, Dragon Ball totaled at 519 chapters, and Naruto was 700.

(15:15) Blazing Transfer Student falls off a little bit towards the end, but the first couple episodes are certainly worth a watch.

(25:15) The New Smash tease.  Despite what Tyler says, Nintendo has yet to confirm if it’s a port with new features or a full new game.

(29:30) The Assignment, M.U.S.H.A.

(40:30) Ranking Armor.


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