Episode 211: Pulseman

Can you feel the electricity coursing through your veins? Of course not, that would just hurt a lot... Unless you're Pulseman! Fight crime, save peoples, and be a surprising precursor to Pokémon all in the name of justice! Be prepared to be dazzled, because this game will have you bouncing off the walls.

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Show Notes

(04:30) The Puzzle Game Tyler and Zach were playing is We Were Here. No, they never finished it.

(26:45) The Assignment, Pulseman

(30:00) MP3 Codec was first released in 1993, Pulseman in 1994

(39:00) Through the magic of Time Travel, you may believe that Pulseman is already on the list, but it is not, because we add it here.

Next time on Last Time, Bomberman Hero!

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