Episode 221: Final Fight


Running on a campaign platform of sweet dive kicks and sick gains, Mike Haggar got himself into office. Now that he's there, he's running the city with a Steel Arm (Lariat). Once his... friend's(?) girlfriend gets kidnapped, though, he realizes it's time to take justice into his own hands. And biceps. Losing his mayoral garb, Mayor Haggar takes once more to the streets to fight... for the last time. An ultimate brawl, if one will.

Punch crime right in the download.

Show Notes

(01:00) Hit our Discord if you're feeling chatty! Thanks, Ryan, for doing so!

(10:30) So, apparently the Digi-Detectived exist. Plus, a quick rundown of A Hat in Time.

(17:00) Talking about Slay the Spire. The 3rd class is coming out around 2018/04/27! Despite us ragging on it, it's pretty fun, and the daily challenges can be neat.

(20:00) Mentioning a game from the people who brought you FTL, Into the Breach.

(36:00) Finally fighting.

(40:00) Andore the Big Guy!

(51:00) The ultimate ranking!

Next time on Last Time, Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong 3!

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