Episode 224: Devil May Cry

You know game that starts with using a motorcycle as a kick booster is going to be extreme. However, detective/demon hunter Dante is quickly whisked to the beginning of Resident Evil Island, where he proceeds to fight with his darkest demons: camera angles. Thankfully, the developers realized what they were doing about halfway through the game, so he starts to actually kick ass. And fill dark souls with light.

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Show Notes

(-00:00) We start by immediately getting distracted by a conversation about the classic (!?) anime Inuyasha.

(07:00) Zach started playing Mech Warrior Online again in anticipation of the upcoming Battletech game.  (Don’t worry, none of us know what any of the proper nouns Zach is using are either.)

(30:00) The Assignment: Devil May Cry.

(36:00) I wish I could be the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiigghhhhht!

(1:06:30) Ranking a game above number 666.

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Posted by Tyler Tift at Thursday, May 03, 2018