Episode 225: Rise of Nations

Not quite as good as super battling werewolves, watching the rise of nations is still entertaining; it never really got that far up the tech tree, though. Join us as we throw tanks into archers, and marvel at the disparity!

Downloads are the basis for every civilization.

Show Notes

(00:00)  Infinity  War  Spoilers!    (Not  really,  but  if  you’re  sensitive  maybe  skip  to  the  next  time  stamp. 

(03:00)  Zach  has  been  playing  the  new  Battletech  game  non-stop.  

(19:00)  Somehow,  even  while  playing  80  hours  of  Battletech,  Zach  also  had  time  to  try  out  the  newish  Digimon  game,  Hacker’s  Memory.  

(37:30)  Who  cares  what  Tyler’s  been  playing?    Geremy  finally  finished  Wind  Waker!    Here  is  the  Boss  Keys  video  on  Wind  Waker.  

(49:00)  The  assignment,  Rise  of  Nations.    When  it  grows  up,  it  wants  to  be  Civilization  really  badly.  

(1:01:00)  Care  for  a  ranking?

Next time on Last Time, Mega Man III!

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