Episode 226: Mega Man III

More grey lemons than you can toss a game brick at! Apparently all the gameboy games are Rockman World, making me wonder why all the GB ports of games are their own worlds. At any rate, join the Man Mega on his quest to overthrow the somewhat confusing hodgepodge of bosses from 3 and 4, and to the final castle. Also, suddenly appearing monsters over pits and just-barely-taller-than-your-shortest-jump-ceiling-spikes to pad out the gameplay!

Fall right down the download pit.

Show Notes

(05:00)  Zach  and  Geremy  have  been  playing  Super  Robot  Wars  X,  so  they  just  gush  about  Mecha  Anime  they  like  for  about  half  an  hour. 

(26:00)  Tyler  started  playing  Enter  the  Gungeon.

(32:30)  The  Assignment:  Mega  Man  III (: Roman Numerals).

(48:00)  We  have  to  stop  Doctor  Wywee!

(48:15)  Mega  Ranking III

Next time on Last Time, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon!

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