Episode 227: Castlevania Circle of the Moon

Nothing says "dark age fun times" like resurrecting the legendary Lord of Darkness and draining the life from an old man! Plus, the guest of honor is sure to enjoy the pre-meal entertainment: two teens aimlessly wandering the remains of his old castle. One of them seems to be particularly plucky. Follow Nathan "Definitely-Not-A-Belmont" Graves through traps and travails with us as we dive into the first mobile Castlevania!

A miserable pile of downloads.

Show Notes

(01:00) We spend some time talking about random anime, inspired by Super Robot Wars X.

(14:00) Overwatch tales! Woo-oo.

(21:00) Both Latyon games for the phone.

(26:00) It's Castleing Time!

(37:00) Discussions about magic, and other useful systems.

(52:45) Castlevania: Ranking the Moon.

Next time on Last Time, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy!

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