Episode 232: Warcraft III

Wasn't this site supposed to be for a video game podcast?  Last Time on Video Games makes its triumphant return, with the precursor to the biggest MMO of all time, Warcraft III.  It's got heroes and creeps galore!  Can the Last Time guys guide Orc Jesus to stop the invasion of The Legion?  Or will totally reasonable hero Arthus fall to the scourge and conquer all of the World of.... Azeroth? Aslo featured: More wood than you can handle.

1:00 Special Guest Chris joins us!

11:00 What do you think of our new website? Send an email to ltovg@lasttimeonvideogames.com to tell us. And if for some reason you havn’t, check out our new other podcast, It’s a Gundam!

21:00 Chris has been playing cool shooter Rainbow 6 Siege, and Monster Hunter wannabe Dauntless.

22:00 We interrupt Chris’s perfectly reasonable list of played games with a word from TSM’s sponsors.

24:00 Back to Chris, who’s also been playing the psuedo-battle royal Hunt Showdown and the more comedic Guild of Dungeoneering

36:00 The Assignemnt Warcraft III

1:00:15 Ranking the Warchief

1:07:00 A random Youtube video is referenced


Next time on Last Time, we get lost in Stonekeep!

*noises of munching on an apple*

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