Episode 234: Yoshi's Island

Oh no!  Baby Mario has fallen from his stork, and can't get up!  It's up to a team of egg throwing dinosaurs to escort this fresh human right out of his own egg back home!  But the evil forces of Magikoopa and Baby Bowser stand in their way.  Not to mention a raven on the moon!  Can our dinosaur friends get Mario home safely?  Or will Luigi have to become the hero we deserve?  Listen and find out!


4:15 Zach has been playing Mech Warrior online, including some matches with streamer Critical Rocket.

18:30 The assignment, Yoshi’s Island. We don’t have a lot we’ve been playing to talk about this week!

32:00 Zach is correct, you can beat Naval Piranah in one shot.

Next time on Last Time, Street Fighter Alpha 2

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