Episode 230: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

There once was a gallant prince. Handsome, charming, and possessed of amazing acrobatic abilities, he saved the day and won the heart of the princess. Wait, no, that's too trite. Let's try again. There once was a prince. Wanting to prove that he was gallant, he made a grave error. This led to him doing some really cool parkour fighting and having witty banter while trying to defeat Ja... the evil vizier. Also, time daggers.

If you rewind time, you can download it again!

Show Notes

(01:45)  Zach is still playing Frostpunk despite losing many great men

(06:00)  As far as Geremy can tell, while there is a playable demo, no one really knows what’s going on with Star Citizen

(21:00)  Tyler’s been playing Shadow Fight 3 on his phone

(28:30)  The Assignment, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

(43:30)  The game Tyler and Geremy are trying to think of is Renegade

(50:00)  Ranking this episode before it turns to sand.

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