Episode 231: Ninja Gaiden II

Like so many action heroes in the 90s, Ryu finds himself with another acute case of kidnapped girlfriend. Because of secret ninja things, he can't just call the cops, so he sets out to rescue her himself. Also, there's something about an enchanted sword? I dunno? Follow our shozoku-clad friend as he explores Dracula's- I mean the city. That the evil warlord is in. With legally distinct subweapon mechanics!

You can only hit this download with a diagonal upward fire wave.

Show Notes

(02:00)  We’re launching a new website soon! Hopefully everything works out great, if there are any technical difficulties, please understand.

(36:00)  The Assignment, Ninja Gaiden II

(45:00)  The “Do It Again Stupid” article Geremy mentioned. Actually about GTA4

(48:00)  Check out our ninja ranking cards

Next time on Last Time, Warcraft III (with Frozen Throne)!

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