Episode 215: Ecco 2: The Tides of Time

Evolution is a beautiful thing, but the things it produces are not always beautiful. Finally, we get a game that answers the age old question": “Why are bugs?” Also, sweet jelly-dolphins? Travel through time on an epic quest to un-BttF yourself as Ecco (who gets to meet his own kids) and defeat the Vortex (who are their own kids?) once and for all!

Show Notes

(01:00) Talking about movies that were coming out when we recorded this! Rampage wasn't quite as bad as expected.

(02:45) Ice arrows.

(09:00) Months and mythology! Don’t say we’re never educational.

(11:00) I’m not sure which game Zach was talking about, but this did come out in 2018. Also, Indivisible!

(18:00) Still relevant after all this time, Your Name is great, go watch it.

(23:00) Some definitely not nsfw Rooster Teeth and Resi.

(27:00) Yup.

(37:00) Definitely pretty globed.

(40:30) Ranking through times.

Next Time on Last Time, F-Zero X!

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