Phase 21: Setting Up an Obligatory Beach Episode

Nothing says “finally relaxing after weeks (days?!) of being harried in space by enemy forces” like some smooth sailing over the ocean. Unfortunately, things are not going so smoothly for poor Kira. Don’t worry, though: he won’t have too much time to mope. Captain Beardy Attacks!

Show Notes

(03:15) Love Love Tenkyoken

(03:30) Also: the Rising Gundam

(04:30) Correction: Foundation is Asimov

(12:00) Wherein Zach implies he is looking into the shipping of other characters

(15:45) Amnesia circus

(16:00) None of my soldiers will die!

(21:30) Maru is slamming

(??:??) Evil Milly. She goes somewhere in between here.

(43:30) Captain Beardy Guy

(46:00) Murdoch’s big emotional moment

(55:00) Explosive decompression

(60:00) Highs and lows

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