Phase 18: Water Baron of Yogurt Town

What’s the best sauce for doner kebab? Batarang! In this episode we get dueling condiments, philosophical rambling from Mr. Burnsides, and a submission to the System’s Funniest Home Videos! Also featured: Dress Up Cagalli! Despite not being action-y, this one’s pretty great, and contains one of the best shirts in existence.

Show Notes

(02:45) According to the Gundam wiki, they’re “lovers” and not spouses

(05:00) Space Ghost, I guess?

(10:00) Char, you deceived me, Char!!!

(12:50) You can see the fury plain on Kira’s face

(13:15) Natarl can’t social

(14:50) KiraCat

(20:30) Mu ponders the nature of reality

(24:15) Condiment controversy

(32:15) Anime is art

(38:00) Someone call the fashion police!

(43:00) Definitely the whale in SEED

(55:45) Ending thoughts

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