Phase 43: Full Mark Hamill

Things are really coming to a head as the Joker decides to confess his motivation to his “twin” brother, and also that Kira kid I guess. Yzak and Dearka finish up their reunion to mutual dissatisfaction, and Natarle’s proving her mettle, despite Azrael’s back seat captaining. Flay’s about to be relevant again! But only for a minute. Also, I’m going to claim that I called the Mu/Rau clone thing, because close enough.

Show Notes

(07:00) This is just a reminder that it was about the time Tyler watched MHA for the first time

(14:00) A great closeup of Mark Hamill

(15:00) Beboppin’, and Kira just realized he left the stove on

(35:45) The standard cartoon closet of all the same clothes

(39:45) Murphine

(46:30) Highs and lows

(51:30) Ranking the Astray

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