Phase 22: Something Something Starfox

In this exciting episode, we get to see the strongest weapon in the Strike’s arsenal make a return: knives! Also, the life and death of Captain McBeardo, and some shocked Athrun. More importantly, though: will Cagalli make a kill in a dogfight? There’s only one way to find out!

Show Notes

(01:15) Dry. In retrospect, probably ironically about being sober while actually drunk

(10:15) Flash forward: Zach did, in fact, buy G Gundam as soon as it was available

(11:45) The closest I could find to a Viking Moon

(12:45) The only Carpinteria seems to be a town about an hour up the coast from LA

(14:15) MST3K reviews Waterworld

(18:00) Boop!

(21:15) Smiling intensifies

(39:30) Captain Beardo’s streamlined pyramid forearms

(40:00) We’ll stop making ZnO jokes after this episode, we promise

(44:30) Episode title

(57:00) Highs and lows

(60:00) Ranking the ZnO

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Watch the episode on Crunchroll here!