Episode 253: Max Payne

It was a dark, rainy night, the dim glow of the street lamp the only bit of white pushing back against the black outside my office. That’s when this game walked in. With bullet time as far as the eye could see and comic book cut scenes for days. We played it, then recorded this podcast.

2:00 Zach has been playing Ogre Battle 64, Resident Evil 2, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Mech Warrior Online and Jump Force

11:45 Glover from Jump Force. He looks like more of a nerd without the glasses.

15:30 Tyler has been playing Helldivers, Overcooked 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

22:45 Geremy has been playing Kingdom Hearts, Let’s Go Pikachu and Kingdom Hearts: Re Chain of Memory.

32:00 The Assignment: Max Payne

45:00 Ranking how much Pain we feel.

Next Time on Last Time: Wing Commander

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