Phase 24: My Feelings Are This Gun

After some amazing fighter cross-classing, Kira sees the Archangel to Orb, leading to a “surprising” plot twist! Everyone’s pretty tired, even the ZAFT crew, but that’s mostly because Yzak has been dishing sick burns all day. They head off to scheme about how to get some sweet civilian jumpsuits while the Archangel crew negotiate… for their LIVES! And also asylum, I guess.

Also! We’re starting a new game this week. Future Tyler knows what the game is, but can you, our listeners, figure it out?

Show Notes

(04:15) It’s been a while, so recap!

(??:??) Cagalli hears the lunch announcement

(12:00) Epic Cleave

(16:00) Because we know how anime tropes work, we predict that (spoilers) Nicol is gonna die

(28:00) Everybody is tired

(41:30) Friendpat

(42:40) Highs and lows

(49:30) The introduction of our game! Can you guess what it is before Tyler? This episode scores 3’ 54”

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