Jump Start Weekly 3/9/2019 Overlord Vol 1.

Hey guys. It’s the start of a brand new month.  And the theme is Isekai. It’s a genre that I like and that Geremy doesn’t.  So this should be an interesting month. If you have any comments, thoughts or advice, or suggestions for manga to read, please comment below to help us improve the podcast!  

The Last Saiyuki Chapter 1: Whisper of the Honeybee 1:58

My Hero Academia Chapter 218: Meta Liberation Army 11:04

The Promised Neverland Chapter 125: Alliance of Liars 16:00

Chainsaw Man CHapter 12: Squeeze 18:16

We Never Learn Question 101: The Ice Flower Dances with [X] at Twilight, Part 2 21:05

Act Age Scene 55: Normal 23:51

Hell Warden Higima Chapter 10: Absence 28:02

Neo;lation Process 11: Top Speed 30:48

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 148: Clashing 37:23

Food Wars Plate 301: Ice Witch 39:58

Seraph of the End Chapter 77: Rescue for the Devil 43:29

Jump Card 47:50

Overlord 1:07:21

Personality Power Level 1:28:17