Phase 25: Nicol's Bitchin' Ball Cap

Previously, on Gundam SEED, we had a clip episode. Thankfully, the HD version skips that and goes right into a second clip episode! Erik Simmons, Applications Sorcery, regales us with the journey of the Archangel thus far.

Show Notes

(01:20) Kevin, also the cohost of JSW, joins us this week! Also, some silly "release" commentary

(06:00) Nicol's sweet baseball cap

(07:00) The beginning of our increasingly longer recap

(11:30) Footnote: Unless you're running super embedded systems

(16:40) Link to new intro. Spoilers?

(21:50) Color coding munitions in Gundam

(24:45) Glamour shot of Kira stolen from Flay

(34:00) Erika Simmons: Applications Sorcerer

(44:20) Super Efficient Explanatory Descriptor

(53:00) Mediums and mediums. Also, shame Cagalli

(57:10) No points in the game this week

Imgur Link

Watch the episode on Crunchyroll here!