Episode 257: Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Did you ever went fast? Did you ever went so fast that you created a kind of bad game with awful level design that doesn’t actually let you go fast at all? Did you ever went so fast you met an echidna who was kind of a jerk and you felt should really be a playable character for some reason? Did you ever went so fast you started to realize maybe Sonic was never good at all and Sonic 2 was just a huge fluke? In this weeks episode, we went fast.

2:15: Zach has been playing Mech Warrior Online, League of Legends and Super Robot Wars T.

16:00 Geremy has also been playing Super Robot Wars T.

19:30 Tyler finished Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Super Smash Bros Ultimate

26:30 Back to Super Robot Wars, here’s Spike’s Attacks

31:30 The Assignment: Sonic 3.

44:00 Gotta Rank Fast

Next Time on Last Time: Mega Man 5

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