Phase 26: Yzak's Sweet Raps

This one’s still a bit slow, but there’s a fair bit of drama, and a good build up to some Athrangst. Flay gets dropped like she’s hot, and Los Janitores release their first album! Also, Kira gets to reflect on the past, and how to suck less in the future.

Show Notes

(05:30) Spider tales. Woo-oo!

(09:45) Cross-platform Gundam

(10:00) New comedy anime: 4 Spies on a Space Station

(15:30) Look at that beautiful cock… pit.

(16:00) Well, excuu~use me, pleb!

(26:45) The most anime damned face

(32:00) You’re terrible parents

(40:30) Murdoch’s Floating Head is a 5th level spell

(44:00) Episode 2 of our new comedy anime

(46:00) Gorgeous animation

(59:00) Highs and lows

(1:03:00) The score for the game this episode is: 1:48, up to 5:42 total

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