Phase 29: Should've Taken a Space Whale

In the aftermath of last episode’s epic battle, everyone’s dealing with the shock and loss. Also Kuzzey’s there. But not everything’s going poorly! New romances are blooming, Mu gets to practice being the impulsive one, and death appears to be only a minor inconvenience!

Show Notes

(05:00) Highlights from DBZ: Let’s Talk About It: The Dairy Force!

(08:00) Always keep your best hand for last

(08:45) Your ever-encompassing recap of the show thus far

(27:45) Neo-Easter Gundam

(29:30) Cagalli was so startled

(39:20) Sad Milly is sad

(44:45) Kuzzey looks like he just stepped in something unexpected and moist

(48:00) He boxes too small for he gotdamn sheet

(59:00) Highs and lows

No game points this week. What’s the mystery‽

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