Phase 30: Birdy's True Master Revealed‽

The crew of the Archangel, severely understaffed, finally makes ground in Alaska. However, they now have to deal with the fallout of being chased halfway across the solar system while being shot at the entire time. Also, Dearka gets hot and heavy with some of the girls! Spicy!

Show Notes

(01:00) Right out of the gate talking about how this show won’t exist

(04:00) Begin rant about Kira’s miraculous survival. We have mixed opinions

(11:00) Tyler was right in the first place, it was Horus whose story would eventually lend many elements to that of Jesus

(13:00) Just some crunk (very debatable on that last one [and I for realzies love me some Lil Jon])

(14:45) Recap time!

(17:15) Everyone’s pretty dead.

(28:00) We’ve mentioned Space Mountain, home of the Clyne Plot Factory, several times. Here it is!

(32:30) Some good Lacusface

(43:30) Rau is just a happy beetle

(47:30) Birdy accidentally tips Sai’s hand

(51:15) Milly stabs a bitch

(54:00) Flay shoots a bitch

(56:45) Highs and lows

(58:45) Ranking the ZuOOT

No points for our mystery game in this week’s episode.

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