Phase 28: We're All Stuck on a Grumpy Submarine

I don’t have much to say about this one. Both the episode of the show and our episode about it are super dense this time around, and it gets really real! Also, there are some gorgeous fights, regardless of which version you’re watching. Get it!

Show Notes

(04:30) Talking about those side characters

(07:30) Musical errata: When Meteor comes in. We touched on this briefly last time

(10:15) Easily one of my favorite voice clips of Geremy

(12:00) Burning trunks swords

(16:00) Bashing you over the HEAD with some symbolism

(20:30) Dearka needs to see the tailor

(32:00) Purple rain

(34:30) This one shot of the alerts that's on screen for like .5 second

(36:00) Cue that one Spaghetti Western sting

(36:30) W.O.M.B.A.T.

(45:00) Sweet vengeance

(57:00) Archangel AI helping the grieving process

(58:00) Running with arm scissors

(1:03:30) Highs and lows

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Watch the episode on Crunchyroll here!