Episode 258: Mega Man 5

Before there was Call of Duty every year, there was Mega Man every year, the shooter of the late 80s/early 90s. What new, exciting Mans will the Blue Bomber face this time? What face will Zach make when he hears about the weakness chart? And who could possibly be behind the wave of robot related crime this year? Listen to find out!

4:00 Tyler has been playing Resident Evil 2make, FTL, Slay the Spire, Randomized Pokemon Blue, Super Robot Wars T and Spellbreak.

12:30 The Podcast Tyler was talking about was indeed Hardcore History.

22:45 Zach has been playing Super Robot Wars T, Persona 5 andMech Warrior Online.

41:50 Geremy has been playing Super Robot Wars T and The RWBY Deck Building Game.

47:00 The Assignment, Mega Man 5

1:08:00 Ranking Man 5.

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