Phase 31: Trial By Liar

Now that the Archangel has finally landed and everyone’s had some time to decompress, everything’s going to go swimmingly, right? Well, Murrue’s getting court-martialed, Kira’s being mopey, and Yzak is smoldering, so it’s pretty much business as usual. Now, if only we could see about getting Dearka some more guards.

Also, some sweet Haro sound clips!

Show Notes

(05:45) Recap time!

(12:30) The best possible explanation for Dearka being unguarded

(22:30) An actual depiction of Sutherland at Maru’s trial

(25:30) I couldn’t find hard numbers on Kira’s total body count thus far, but someone calculated 93 between SEED and Destiny with some generous “well, it’s missing all of its limbs, I guess” thrown in

(27:30) Lacus’s face right before needing a chap-haro-ne.

(30:00) Definitely not-Rau has fabulous hair.

(41:30) Smolderyzak. I didn’t make a gif, but his eyes are definitely anime sparkling in this scene.

(47:30) Highs and lows

Still no points for our mystery game!

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