Episode 261: Devil May Cry 2

Devils Never Cry! That’s what we learned at the end of Devil May Cry 1, but apparently, between that game and this one, Dante also decided that Devils should never emote. No sarcasm, no quips, no nothing. Also, if you’re a Devil, combat should be super easy and boring and your upgrade tree should be simple and number based. Thank God Devil May Cry 3 is a prequel.

5:30 Zach has been playing Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Darkest Dungeon, Monster Hunter World,

14:00 Unfortunately, the Gotham City Chronicles Season 2 Kickstarter was very brief, and both started and ended between recording and posting the episode.

15:30 Tyler has been playing Slay the Spire, Breath of the Wild, Dungeon Cards and Tinker Island.

23:00 Geremy has been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

38:00 The assignment: Devil May Cry 2

55:45 Ranking Devil Tears.

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