Episode 260: Tetris and Dr. Mario

Riddle me this Podcast Listener! What is the game that Geremy has been least looking forward to adding to the LTOVG game list since he first introduced the idea 160 episodes ago? Tune in this week to find out! (It’s Tetris) Also, a puzzle game a day keeps the doctor away.

2:15 Zach has been playing Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Raft (with Tyler and Geremy) and some board games.

27:40 Tyler has been playing an escape room card game called Unlock, Tokyo 42 and Ultimate Chicken Horse (With Zach).

32:15 Geremy has been playing Devil May Cry 5.

42:30 The Assignments: Tetris and Dr. Mario

49:15 We solve the ranking puzzle.

Next Time on Last Time: Devil May Cry 2

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