Phase 32: Neither Boners Alone...

Sometimes, all you need is the right motivation to do something amazing. In Kira’s case, that’s preventing all of his friends from dying painful deaths! Join us in watching a boy become a man, but also a man with some still pretty… well, idealistic ideals. However, he has a giant nuke robot (spoilers!) to help him achieve those goals. Also, the crew of the Archangel parts ways, and Yzak gets a promotion (to his new album, obvo).

Show Notes

(04:00) The answer to “what came before SEED” in the US was either 08th MS team if we’re counting that as a series, or GODDAMNED GUNDAM WING, I GUESS? This was all based on U.S. release dates, though.

(06:45) Correction! Zala was actually only an uncommon name in the UK in the late 90s. Apparently, some Slavic countries boast this as a fairly popular surname, too.

(15:00) Look at that jaunty bastard

(31:00) Natarl doesn’t hand so great

(32:00) All signs point to Alaska.

(40:00) This is the Lacus outfit we mentioned

(48:00) Lacus Clyne, Warmonger. (Note that we couldn’t find the original version, so this is the best we’ve got for now).

(48:30) Another GUNDAM. Great series title.

(50:30) Lacuswave

(52:30) That cool shot of the Freedom’s eye. It’s almost impossible to catch on a casual watch, which makes it slightly more impressive.

(54:30) The Highlander (as depicted in MWO since Zach mentions it on LTOVG a lot)

(55:30) Highs and lows

No points for our game this week. There’s been kind of a drought recently.

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