Phase 33: Athrun's No Good Very Bad Day

Secret Agent Mu-man returns with dire information for the Archangel, just late enough to be useless! The crew, meanwhile, is preparing to take its collective last breath. But what’s this? A bird? A plane? A multi-billion dollar government secret project? That’s right, it’s Kira! All your (white) base are belong to him, as he declares himself a sovereign nation because nukes.

Show Notes

(02:00) Crunchyroll’s comment system sucks, so here ya go, courtesy of mutronbiphase: “mu, you're a likeable main character with an obvious but unfinished romantic angle with another likeable main character, don't be saying cool lines before your ship launches, you are just asking for it! did you even read the manual??”

(20:20) Some nut in an aircraft

(22:40) Mu’s got angry caterpillars

(28:30) Clan invasion:

(36:50) A happy little dodge

(41:30) Accidental chibi GINN

(49:00) Describing this doesn’t convey the physicality of all them lasers, so here’s a gif.

(59:00) Highs and lows

Still no points! When will the famine end?!

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