Episode 264: Mighty Final Fight

When your daughter gets kidnapped, who are you going to call? Well, if you’re the mayor of Chibi Metro City, yourself, her boyfriend, and his Ninja friend. However, only one at a time, the NES can’t handle much more than that! Learn all about it when we play Mighty Final Fight.

2:45 Zach has been playing MWO, Rainbow Six Siege, Darkest Dungeon, SNK Heroines, Super Smash Brothers U, Wasteland 2,

23:00 Tyler Finished Earthbound and has been playing Smash Bros. U, Teppen, Moonlighter,

31:30 Geremy has been playing Stardew Valley with friends and Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded.

42:00 The Assignment: Mighty Final Fight

48:00 Ranking the Migh

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