Episode 266: Jazz Jackrabbit

Do you ever kind of want to play Sonic, but also kind of want to play Mega Man? What if I told you there was a game that was kinda like both! It doesn’t do any of the things that either of those games do well, but it is kinda like both! It’s called “Jazz Jackrabbit” and doesn’t that just fill you with confidence?

3:30 Zach has been playing MWO and Fire Emblem 3 Houses

18:00 Tyler has been playing Super Smash Bros. U, Breath of the Wild, The Long Dark, Teppin,

27:15 Geremy has been playing Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts: Union X and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 0.2 Fragmatory Passage. There may be a theme.

39:00 The Assignment: Jazz Jackrabbit

53:15 Ranking Roadkill

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