Phase 34: Nuke the Burrito Shack on Your Way

Kira returns, people are shocked, and Athrun starts to make up his mind! Also, we get a glimpse into the PLANTs’ seed underbelly(ies?) and their secret underlord: Lacus "Shank You With My Silly Collar” Clyne. Yet another mobile suit gets stolen! Now that’s what I call Justice.

Show Notes

(12:30) Tyler was thinking of Come on Eileen

(15:20) Lacus working on that aristocratic nose

(33:00) Stoned, or just wore a helmet too long? You decide!

(34:30) This pose accounts for 92% of Murdoch's screen time

(36:30) This whole discussion

(41:45) She’s gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse

(49:30) This frame is pure magic

(56:20) Just a good shot of the Justice

(58:00) Highs n’ Lows

This is the last bout of Nopoints we’ll have for a while. Next episode we’ll be gettin’ some!

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